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Project title: Systems Ergonomics - Ergonomics in Anesthesia: Analysis and Design

Record ID: 6338  
Project status: Ongoing (12.02.2003)

Project Leader(s): Krueger, Helmut (

Organizational unit: Krueger, Helmut <>

Project description:

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Administering anesthesia is a complex task, characterised by the continuous surveillance of
the triangle patient, equipment and surgery, the demand of parallel and fast decision making,
the requirements of fine motor skills and the management of medication, liquids and patient
data. Either human or equipment failures in the operation room environment of high technology
can have disastrous consequences for the patient's health. Therefore an ergonomic design of
the workplaces and their organisation should be regarded as a matter of course. This is the
overall intention of the project: Ergonomics in Anesthesia, which was initiated by the Institute
of Anesthesiology / University Hospital of Zurich. The Project included and includes:

1. Analysis of work procedures and workplace design: Critical areas are the objects of investigations,
especially the areas of operating theatres in surgery and in the emergency station.

2. The resulting causes of problems and recommendations of improvements are communicated by
reports and presentations to the hospital site.

3. Equipment-Design: A concept is developed to arrange the anesthesia monitor system in a
more ergonomic and flexible way. The new idea (pat. pend.) is a mobile equipment carrier which
can be easily combined and integrated with other trolleys or equipment components. The product's
name is: The Monitor-Frog.

4. Design of a new tool for the handling of cables and lines. All the time the patient is
connected with several cables and tubes to the machines in the operating room or the intensive
care unit. This causes often troubles in the concerned work processes. A new tool (pat.pend.)
helps to improve those processes. The product's name is: The Cable-Bone.

5. The development and design of a new anaesthesia respirator and the design of a new man-computer
interface for this machine.

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